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VOLUNTEERS: If you coached in the Fall 2021 season you do not need to complete any registration.  Coaches who did not coach in the fall and plan to coach for the Spring 2022 season will need to complete the Volunteer registration form and MYSA requirements.  

You only need to register once for the Volunteer Program even if you are coaching more than one team.  Volunteer registration must be completed EVERY SOCCER YEAR (i.e. one time for Fall 2021 Spring 2022). Once your player(s) is registered please visit the ASA website Registration-->Volunteers Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Adult.


Coaches and volunteers: Volunteer registration has multiple steps. Please refer to this help guide when completing ASA and MYSA registration requirements or visit the Coaches-->MYSA/CORI section of our website for more details. 


The Town of Andover requires that all participants read, fill out completely and sign this COVID-19 waiver.  Please complete one waiver for each child playing with ASA.  ASA Volunteer Coaches must also complete a COVID waiver.  Use this link to complete the waiver:

Players will not be able to participate until ASA has received a signed copy of this waiver.  


ASA believes no child should be denied the opportunity to play soccer due to financial hardship. Financial assistance is available.

If you are interested in receiving financial assistance for any of ASA's soccer programs, please complete our online Scholarship Request Form:

Please see Every Kid Sports Pass for additional funding opportunities.

Intown Programs.

Registration for the Intown Spring 2022 season grades K-4 is CLOSED.

Intown Programs Spring 2022 Grades K-4 (currently).  Please note that players in 5th grade no longer have the option to play intown but must play travel soccer. Preschool age is not eligible.  

The first weekend for the Intown Spring 2022 season will be April 23-24, dependent upon favorable weather and field conditions.

Kindergarten Kickers

Spring registration fees             

·       $75 if registering by 1/31/22. 

·       $85 if registering in February ‘22. 

·       $95 if registering after 2/28/22.


Grades 1 & 2

Spring registration fees             

·       $100 if registering by 1/31/22. 

·       $120 if registering in February ‘22. 

·       $140 if registering after 2/28/22.         


Grades 3 & 4

Spring registration fees             

·       $125 if registering by 1/31/22. 

·       $145 if registering in February ‘22. 

·       $165 if registering after 2/28/22.                                

  *Registration fees do not include field fund donation     

INTOWN REFUND POLICY: Refunds can be issued until the first game of the season.


If you did not coach in the Fall 2021 season, all coaches & volunteers will need to complete our volunteer online  registration. See above for more information. You only need to do this once, regardless of how many teams you coach for our Intown and/or Travel programs.


Questions about INTOWN registration




ASA Refund Policy

Spring 2022 Season - there are no Travel refunds after January 17, 2022. Prior to January 18th, refunds will be equal to the registration fee less expenses incurred by ASA (insurance fees, field use fees, etc.).

Travel Programs


Travel Team Player Assessments begin in May. All players interested in playing Travel soccer in Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 must register for their season(s) to participate in Assessments.

Travel soccer information session:  Thursday, May 5th, 8:30pm.  Link to the meeting will be sent via email.

TIME:   Check-in begins at 5:00 pm; Assessments will last 1 ½ to 2 hours.

LOCATION:      Lower Shawsheen & Upper Shawsheen Fields


  • Incoming Grade 5 – Wednesday, May 18th and Monday, May 23rd  
    • Girls – Upper Shawsheen
    • Boys – Lower Shawsheen
  • Incoming Grade 6 – Monday May 16th and Wednesday May 25th 
    • Girls – Upper Shawsheen
    • Boys – Lower Shawsheen
  • Incoming Grade 7 – Wednesday May 11th
    • Girls – Upper Shawsheen
    • Boys – Lower Shawsheen
  • Incoming Grade 8 GIRLS – Monday May 9th
    • Girls – Upper Shawsheen
  • Incoming Grade 8 BOYS – Thursday May 26th
    • Boys – Deyermond Field

Travel Notes:

Assessment Dates - please attend the Assessment date(s) that correspond to the grade your player will be  entering in the fall. Assessment question, please email

Uniforms - Grades 5 - 8 uniform kits are purchased separately from the Travel season registration. Jersey numbers will be assigned to all entering 5th grade players, as well as players in grades 6-8 who are new to the ASA travel program. Grades 9 - 12 uniforms are still included in the registration fee. Uniform questions, please email


*ASA is one of the largest towns in Essex County Youth Soccer Association. Due to our size, ASA is able to organize teams by grade allowing our players to grow and play with their classmates and friends. Most towns who participate in ECYSA are not large enough to do this. As a result, ASA Grade 5 teams play in ECYSA’s Grade 6 leagues and may compete against blended grade 5/6 teams. ASA's Grade 7 teams play in ECYSA’s Grade 8 leagues and may compete against blended grade 7/8 teams. 

Players must meet Grade AND Date of Birth Requirements for chosen Level.


Grade in Fall 2022

Date of Birth Requirements


Grade 5 Grade 5 or Lower  1/1/2011  - 8/31/2012
Grade 6 Grade 6 or Lower 1/1/2010 - 8/31/2011
Grade 7 Grade 7 or Lower 1/1/2009 - 8/31/2010
Grade 8 Grade 8 or Lower 1/1/2008 - 8/31/2009


GRADES 5-8 Registration ($300 for Fall 2022 AND Spring 2023)

► 1-Payment:  Fall & Spring Season 
$300 paid at time of registration for the Fall AND Spring seasons.
Registration after June 8, 2022 is subject to $30 Late Fee.

► 2- Payments:  Fall & Spring Season 
$150 paid at time of registration for Fall season; $150 automatically deducted in December for the Spring season.
Registration after June 8, 2022 is subject to $30 Late Fee.

► Spring Season - for players who cannot play in the Fall season.
$150 paid at time of registration.
Registration after January 10, 2023 is subject to $30 Late Fee.

Travel soccer is a fall and spring commitment - the fall season prepares teams for the competitive spring season.

ASA understands that some players are not able to play both the fall and spring seasons and does its best to accommodate players regardless of commitment.  However, based on prior years ASA has learned that most families who register for Fall ONLY ask to add spring at a later date. In order to have a more accurate idea of the number of players are committed to the full Travel soccer year (fall and spring), and to minimize registration issues, we would like to encourage players to sign up for the Fall 2022 Spring 2023 season. 

IMPORTANT:  Players who register for Fall or Spring ONLY are not eligible to be placed on a top team for their age group.  Additionally, if a player who is registered for the full year and is placed on a top team withdraws for the spring season, they will not be eligible to be placed on a top team the following year.  Refer to the ASA Assessment section for more information.

If your player is only able to commit to the Fall season (will not add spring at a later date), please contact the Travel Registrar for help with registering your player at 

GRADES 9-12/PG Registration ($100 for Spring 2022).

ASA's high school Travel program is a spring-only program and opens for registration annually at the end of November/early December. Teams compete on Sunday afternoons against other towns in Essex County. Qualifying teams play in the Essex County Playoffs at the Pingree School. If a high school program is under-subscribed it will be canceled, and you will receive a full refund.
Spring 2022: Players in grades 9-12, and one year after 12th grade (PG) and born on/after 1/1/2002 are eligible to play in the Spring 2022 season.

Spring 2022 TRAVEL GRADES 9-11 Player Registration is now CLOSED.
Grades 12/PG player registration is no longer available due to a low number of registrations.


Late Fee Deadline:  Grades 9-12/PG - Registration after February 15, 2022 is subject to $20 Late Fee.



Fall 2022/Spring 2023 coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers, please see our Coaches tab for application and information on coaching a Travel team.

Our online ASA's Volunteers Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Adult registration will open soon. See above for more info and registration link. You need to do this once every soccer year*, regardless of how many teams you coach for our Intown and/or Travel programs.

*The "soccer year" runs from June 1 - May 31 



ASA recognizes that we ask players to register months before the Travel season begins. Please know, our registration and refund dates are influenced by Essex County Youth Soccer Association's and Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association's team submission deadlines. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping ASA to register our teams on time with ECYSA and MYSA.  If the environment is not conducive to conduct a soccer season due to CO-VID 19, we will issue refunds to every travel player registered.


The Andover Soccer Association (ASA) Intown Referee Program is an incredible opportunity for all boys and girls in grades 7-12.

Our Referee Program will provide the opportunity to learn the basics of refereeing and to gain invaluable experience officiating real games for our in-town program (U9 grade 3 and U10 Grade 4) for a per game stipend (stipends are paid out at the end of the season upon timely submission of all referee forms).

All students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in the program.  All prospective referees are required to attend the ASA Referee Training Program session before the start of the spring season (date TBD).  Referees will be able to provide their availability for which games fit their schedules.