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ASA Programs


Age/Grade Intown Tournament Travel Notes
U6 (Kindergarten)     Kindergarten Kickers program
U7 (1st Grade) - U8 (2nd Grade)      
U9 (3rd Grade) - U10 (4th Grade)   Intown participation required for Tournament program
U11 (5th Grade)   Choice of Intown or Travel
5th Grade (U11) - 12th Grade (U18)     Grades 9-12 (U15-U18) are only available in Spring



To participate in an Andover Soccer Association program, players must either:

  • be residents of Andover, MA or
  • attend school in Andover, MA or
  • have a parent that teaches at an Andover public school.

Kindergarten Kickers (U6/Kindergarten)

ASA's Kindergarten Kickers program runs a little differently than other Intown age groups. All sessions will be run for about an hour.

The first 30 minutes of each session is dedicated to training exercises and learning skills. The last 30 minutes is used to play a game.

There is a 5 minute, “half-time” period between the skill session and the game for a team snack.

Intown U7 (1st Grade) - U11 (5th Grade)

ASA Intown soccer is designed for players entering 1st grade through 4th grade (5th graders have the option of playing in the In-town or Travel programs).

The primary goal of In-Town play is exercise and having fun. Players will receive help with improving balance and coordination, as well as giving them lots of opportunities to dribble and play with the ball.

ASA hopes that the activites in In-Town play help players with socialization, coordination, encouragement of problem solving and, most of all, having fun.


Full uniform kits can be purchased for $30.  Shirts, shorts, and socks will also be on sale for individual purchase.  All items can be paid for with cash or check made payable to Andover Soccer Association.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Intown Tournaments

ASA is offering an exciting 8-week tournament program that will give 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls the opportunity to train with a professional coach and experience the fun, excitement, and challenges of tournament play.

Program includes participation in two local tournaments this fall. Must be registered with the ASA Intown program to be eligible.

Travel Soccer Grades 5-12 (U11-U18)

ASA Travel Soccer is designed for players entering grades 5 through 12. Please note, high school-age programs are only available during the spring season.

For detailed information about ASA's Travel Soccer Programs, including eligibility and registration options, please click on the TRAVEL and REGISTRATION tabs above.