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Field Setup Day

By Kimberly Cratty, 04/03/18, 5:30PM EDT


ASA Spring 2018 Fields Setup


ASA will be running field set up this Sunday, April 8, 2018, from 8-10am.

Field Captains (and anyone else who likes donuts & coffee or wants to get things moving early) should arrive at the ASA Shed at Lower Shawsheen at 8am.  Field Captains will pick up all the materials needed for their field location and meet their Field Helpers by approx. 8:15am at their field location.

Each field group is tasked with the following,

1.  Carry goals from current location (generally edge of woods or outside of play area) to the approximate location of goals for the coming season.  Fields will not yet be lined, so use your best guess of where the goal locations will be, some fields are obvious others not so much.

2.  Put netting on goals using cable ties.  Most nets have a tag to indicate a corresponding corner of the goal frame, others require extreme problem solving skills.  Cut cable tie ends, using care not to leave a sharp edge.  Dispose of cable tie ends.

3.  Positions goals at edge of play field surface to allow unimpeded access by mowers and lining equipment.  Place two anchor weights (sand bags) on bottom of each goal frame.  If goal weight is not available, tip the goal "face down" and at the very edge of play area to discourage use of goal prior to anchoring.  It is ESSENTIAL, that unweighted goals not be left on the play surface or in an upright position. 

Feel free to call Okolo at 978.771.9853 or Don 978-764-5029 with questions.