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Travel Soccer

ASA Travel Soccer is designed for those players entering 5th grade through 12th grade.  Please see the "Player Evaluation Information" (below) for player eligibility requirements.




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Boys and Girls Fall 2017 travel team game schedule (at

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Travel Team Assessment Information for Fall 2017/Spring 2018 seasons

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Andover Soccer expects players to prioritize being part of an ASA team and to participate fully in games and training during the season. Most travel teams train twice a week to develop a common approach to game strategy and tactics, and to build team spirit.

If a player is unable to attend at least one regularly scheduled team training session per week in the regular season due to conflicts with other activities, Andover Soccer gives coaches the discretion to play that player less than 50% of the next scheduled game. This applies to all teams, regardless of age, division, or gender.


Approved and accepted reasons for missing training sessions without affecting playing time include illness, school/academic activities, religious activities/observances, and participation in Mass Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP). 

Parents should discuss commitments, and potential conflicts, with coaches prior to the season and as the season progresses.  Andover Soccer recognizes that some player situations may require special treatment and encourages coaches to address special requests with parents and players, within the overall framework of the team.



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ASA would like to remind all players and parents of some of our basic safety and field etiquette rules: 

  • ASA has adopted a Parents Code of Conduct.
  • Children should NEVER be allowed to hang or climb on the goals.
  • Dogs are not allowed on any fields during practices or games.
  • No jewelry of any type and no hard casts may be worn during games or practice sessions.
  • If there is clearly audible thunder or a flash of lighting, all fields at that location must be cleared, play may not resume until there has been a 30 min. period without thunder or lighting, this will generally cancel an in-town game then in progress, players and spectators should take shelter in their cars and NOT in school buildings or under trees.
  • Good sportsmanship is mandatory.  ASA and ECYSA have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY with regard to rude language or heckling of game officials, players or coaches.
  • "Trash talking" among players should not be tolerated and all players should respectfully shake hands following each match and thank the game official (if any).



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Travel players are required to have a complete uniform kit in order to participate in league games.

Referee's check for the 5 S's -- Shirt, shorts, socks, shoes (cleats), shinguards.  Players are responsible for providing their own adequate footwear and shinguards.

ASA distributes game uniforms to travel players at the beginning of each fall season.  The uniforms are to be used for both the fall and spring seasons.  New players for the spring season will also be provided a uniform. 

The ASA-provided uniform kit consists of:

  • Gold Game Jersey
  • White Practice shirt / alternate jersey
  • Shorts
  • Socks

The Essex County league that ASA teams play in requires that all players wear the same game uniform.  A referee may prohibit a player with an incomplete uniform from playing in a game.



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