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Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I purchase the new uniform kit?

Travel players will recieve their uniforms from their coaches.  Full Intown uniform kits can be purchased for $30.  Shirts, shorts, and socks will also be on sale for individual purchase.  All items can be paid for with cash or check made payable to Andover Soccer Association.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach Kirstin Nusky or Ashley Andrade at

Who needs to purchase the new uniform kit?

In-town players new to the Fall season are expected to wear the ASA uniforms.  Returning Spring players do not need to purchase the uniforms again.  Please re-wear the spring uniforms.

Will I be able to re-use the uniform kit in future seasons? 

The uniform kit (jersey shorts, socks) is mandatory for all players in future seasons but, as has historically been the case with the ASA t-shirt uniforms, hand-me-downs and recycling of used uniform kits will be encouraged (In-town only can be reused).  ASA's uniform policy is subject to change and may be revised as our experience develops.

Will I be able to purchase extra uniform pieces, socks or shorts?

Yes, ASA expects to make extra uniform socks and shorts available as a separate, optional purchase while supplies last.

Will I be able to pick a favorite number for my child's jersey?

No.  Jersey numbers have no practical significance in our In-Town program.  The challenge of distributing over a thousand uniform kits is complicated enough without attempting to satisfy jersey number requests.  You are welcome to trade jerseys with friends, teammates, etc., however, please don't ask the staff to pick a special number for you.  Thank you for your understanding.

What about travel uniforms? 

Travel uniforms must be purchased through the vendor.


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Why do I register for Fall soccer in April when Spring games have just begun?

Travel assessments are held annually in early May for team placement in the Fall season. Fall registration begins in mid April because all travel players must be registered prior to assessments. In-town players have the opportunity to register in April for the upcoming Fall season, but can wait until mid June to register (before late fees apply).


What are the age eligibility requirements for participation in Andover Soccer?

Eligibility Requirements for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

Players must be residents of Andover, attend school in Andover, or parent teaches at Andover Public School.

U6 intown – kindergarten

U7 intown – 1st grade

U8 intown – 2nd grade

U9 intown – 3rd grade

U10/U11 intown –  in 4th grade or 5th grade

5th Grade Boys born on or after 1/1/2006 (formerly U11)

6th Grade Boys born on or after 1/1/2005 (formerly U12)

7th Grade Boys born on or after 1/1/2004 (formerly U13)

8th Grade Boys born on or after 1/1/2003 (formerly U14)

5th Grade Girls born on or after 1/1/2006 (formerly U11)

6th Grade Girls born on or after 1/1/2005 (formerly U12)  

7th Grade Girls born on or after 1/1/2004 (formerly U13)

8th Grade Girls born on or after 1/1/2003 (formerly U14)   


Does ASA have a safety policy?

Please click here to view our safety policy.


What is ASA's policy on Heading?

Massachusetts Youth Soccer has adopted new rules (Spring 2016) for heading that will be in effect starting with the spring 2016 season.  The new rules can be found here:  The purpose of the new rules is to enhance player health and safety and reduce the potential for player-to-player collisions and concussions.

The Andover Soccer Association will comply with the new rules as follows:

  • For in-town teams, heading is not permitted in any games or practices.
  • For 5th and 6th grade teams , formerly known as U11 and U12 travel teams, heading is not permitted in games. Players on these teams who are age 11 or older may engage in heading at practice subject to limits of 30 minutes per week and no more than 15-20 headers per player per week.
  • For 7th and 8th grade teams, formerly known as U13 and U14 travel teams, heading is permitted in games.  Players on these teams who are age 11 or older may engage in heading at practice subject to limits of 30 minutes per week and no more than 15-20 headers per player per week.

For age groups in which heading is not permitted in games, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a player, in the opinion of the referee, deliberately heads or attempts to head a ball.  An inadvertent head ball should not result in an infraction.


What is ASA’s thunder and lightning policy?

If there is any lightning or audible thunder, coaches should clear the entire field immediately.  Play should not resume until 30 minutes after last thunder/lighting.  Players and coaches should take shelter in cars - NOT under trees.  Safety comes first.

What is ASA's cancellation policy?
ASA does not cancel games due to rain or inclement weather.  Soccer is a game traditionally played in the rain and can be quite enjoyable (for the players anyway).  The ball travels quicker and rain can make a late spring or early fall game refreshing instead of sweltering. At other times, a long-sleeved shirt under the uniform jersey (synthetic materials are best) and some light cotton gloves keep hard-working players comfortable.  ASA cancels games based on severe weather, such as, high winds; thunder/lighting; heavy rain/snow; or steady rain combined with cold temperatures that present a risk to player safety.  ASA also (and more frequently) cancels games due to poor field conditions, that present a real risk to player safety or a likelihood of unacceptable damage to our limited and over-taxed athletic fields.
How does ASA decide whether field conditions are playable?
First, the large majority of ASA fields are owned and controlled by the Town of
Andover.  If the Town closes the fields, the fields are closed.  Use of Town fields by ASA or any of its teams during such a closure period puts ASA's field access at risk and may subject ASA to sanctions from the Town.  In addition to Town field closures, ASA makes it own determination of playability.  When conditions are questionable, a group of dedicated ASA volunteers known as the "Rain Men" rise before 6am and physically inspect field playing conditions.  The "Rain Men" report their findings to ASA's Field Chair.  In consultation with other ASA Board members, the Fields Chair makes a determination of whether and what ASA programs will be closed for the day.  For logistical reasons, ASA does not generally make this determination on a field by field basis, unless particularly unusual conditions are present at a specific location.
Why would fields be playable and open for ASA's travel program but not for the In-Town program?
Player safety is the paramount concern in making field closure decisions, regardless of the program affected.  However, the primary fields designated for ASA's travel program tend to have better drainage than those fields that host our small-sided, In-Town program. Therefore, it is not unusual for travel fields to be safe and playable while many of the in-town spaces are not.  It is ASA's general policy to cancel all in-town games if more than 50% of the in-town fields are unplayable.

What can I do to help improve the fields situation?
Many cancellations are driven by poorly drained fields and concern over field damage.  Improvements to existing fields and expansion of athletic field space would appreciably reduce the frequency with which ASA is forced to cancel for these reasons.  Please support both Town and ASA led efforts to improve and increase athletic field space in

Who do I notify if my child decides not to play soccer and I need a refund?

In-town registration fees can be refunded prior to the second game. The amount refunded will be equal to the registration fee less all ASA expenses (insurance, field use fees, etc.). After the second game, no refunds will be provided unless there are extenuating circumstances. Late fees are non-refundable. If teams are formed, please notify your coach, the age group coordinator, and the registrar if your child is withdrawing from soccer and requesting a refund.

There are no refunds for travel registration fees after January 1st for the Spring season. There are no refunds for travel registration fees after July 1st for the Fall season. Prior to these dates, refunds will be equal to the registration fee less all ASA expenses (insurance, field use fees, etc.) Late fees are non-refundable. If teams are formed, please notify your coach, the travel director, and the registrar if your child is withdrawing from soccer and requesting a refund.

What size soccer ball does my child need?

U7 and U8: Size 3 Ball

U9, U10, G5, G6: Size 4 Ball

G7 – Up: Size 5 Ball

I just bought tickets to an ASA event. How do I get my tickets?

You will be notified when ASA has received the tickets. Typically tickets are held at a board member’s house for pickup.

I think I can apply for a reimbursement for a training session, licensing or tournament.  What is the procedure?

All license fees are 100% reimbursable through ASA – no cost for any ASA coaches!  For reimbursement on training, licenses or tournaments (travel teams only), please forward the following to

Phone Number
Proof of completion


In-Town Soccer FAQs Back to topTOP

My child is interested in soccer. How many games are there? What is the time commitment?

In-town players practice once per week (depending on age, range from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours per practice) with weekly games on Saturdays. The first game in the Fall season typically starts the Saturday after school begins and ends in early November. The Spring season typically begins early/mid April and ends in mid June.

Can my 4 (or 5) year old play soccer?

Andover Soccer is available to players in kindergarten and older.

Our family does not live in Andover, but my child attends private school in Andover. Can he/she play soccer with ASA?

Non-residents who attend schools in Andover, as well as children of Andover teachers, are welcome to play soccer with ASA.

I would like to volunteer to coach/assistant coach. How do I register?

ASA is a volunteer organization and all help is greatly appreciated. When registering your player, in the Guardian Information section, you will have the opportunity to volunteer. Click the appropriate position you wish to volunteer for. If you are already set up in the system, you do not need to do anything else. You will be contacted by the age group coordinator when teams are formed. If you are not in the system, you will receive an email from the registrar requesting your date of birth and given instructions to complete the required CORI form. 

Can I request a specific coach or to have my child placed on a team with a friend?

ASA cannot honor requests for specific coaches or team placement. We honor all documented religious and medical conflicts and do our best with carpooling requests, but we cannot satisfy every schedule request.

Can I request to have my child placed on a team with other players from the same school?

One of the factors used for building the in-town teams is based on the school the child is enrolled at. Each team usually includes several players from 2 or 3 schools so that there will be some familiar faces and also the opportunity to make new friends. 

Why is my child on a different team/have a different coach than last season?

Rosters are changed each year. Competitive balance is critical to the goal of a fun and safe development within the leagues. Players should have the opportunity to experience many coaches by playing under different coaching styles, as well as meet new players and make new friends.

What clothing and supplies are needed for games and practices for my In-Town player?

  • Shinguards – must have to play or practice
  • Soccer Socks: Intown players can wear any color or style
  • One pair of game shirts- white and gold
  • Soccer Cleats are not required, but suggested
  • Mouth Guards are recommended
  • Personal Water bottles – labeled with name
  • Jewelry of any kind (including watches) may not be worn during games or practices, except for Medic-Alert bracelets.


Travel Soccer FAQs Back to topTOP

What are expectations of parents and players when playing Travel soccer?

Click here for expections.  

Do I need to select a uniform size for my travel player if the current uniform still fits?

The board of directors has approved the transition of travel uniform sales to an online platform that requires uniforms to be purchased by players/parents. To help offset this out-of-pocket expense, the board has also approved the move to a system where players are randomly assigned a uniform number between 1 and 99. The assigned number will remain with the player for the duration of his/her ASA career, thereby potentially eliminating the need to buy a new uniform every year. Players are required to purchase a navy jersey, a white jersey, shorts, and socks. This year, we’re pleased offer a female-specific cut for both jerseys and shorts. Player number assignments do not need to be communicated to the vendor.