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CORI Compliance

Please check here to see if you are CORI compliant.


MYSA Practice Plans

Fall 2017 U6 Practice Plans

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10


Plans from U6 through U10 and Grade 6 and Grade 8


GPS Practice Plans

U6 Practice Plans

U8 Curriculum - Fall 2016

U7/U8 Practice Plans

U9/U10 Practice Plans

U11/U12 Practice Plans

U13/U14 Practice Plans


Boston Breakers Academy Practice Plans

Breakers: Fall 2013 Week 1 Academy Plan

Breakers: Fall 2013 Week 2 Academy Plan

Breakers: Fall 2013 Week 3 and 4 Academy Plan

Spring 2013: u11-u12 Passing and Receiving 1

Spring 2013: u11-u12 Passing and Receiving 2


Concussion Awareness

HEADS UP!  The ASA Board of Directors recommends that all ASA coaches and parents become more concussion aware.

Watch this short video and become more aware today.

Concussions can occur when players make forceful contact with other players, the ground, goal posts and even a forcefully struck ball.  Concussions can often go unrecognized because symptoms aren't well understood by players, parents or coaches.  Though we are not required to do concussion awareness training under Essex County or MYSA policies, the board still feels it is important for player safety that, at a minimum, coaches and assistants learn more about how to recognize a potential concussion.

The videos take approximately 15 minutes to view.  You will also have a downloadable concussion recognition checklist made available that you can carry with you at all times.  


Rules of the GameTOP

Click here for ASA Rules for U7-U12.

Click here for MYSA rules.

Click here for "Soccer for Parents"


 Coaching TipsTOP

Andover Soccer Association is sharing coaching tips for you to use with your teams. The sharing of these tips is ASA's direct response to the spring survey where two-thirds of coaches wanted to receive such tips on a regular basis. A related link to MassYouth Soccer practice plans is also provided.  Feel free to use the MassYouth plans.

Foot skills and Dribbling

Receiving the Ball

Receiving the Ball from the Air

Introducing Player Movement 

Short Passing

Concussion Guidelines 

Goalie Training



 Spring 2013 MPS Practice PlansTOP

U7 Practice Plans

U8 Practice Plans

U9 Practice Plans

U10 Practice Plans

MPS practice plans for all ages.  password: andover.gps.2013


MYSA Coaching Material Back to topTOP

MassYouth Soccer provided electronic copies of their coaching material from the spring ASA in-town coaches meeting, These handouts are for coaches of different age groups and are a great resource for coaches. Coaches are encouraged to review the material when preparing for practices.

U6 Specialty Clinic Notes

U8 Specialty Clinic Notes

U10/U12 Specialty Clinic Notes 

MYSA Practice Plans 



MYSA Instruction for U9/U10 Back to topTOP


ASA's spring player development program with MassYouth Soccer coaches begins again this season.  MassYouth Soccer coaches will be using the attached practice plans during the first week.  Coaches who have players registered for these sessions are encouraged to attend to observe, ask questions and shadow the MassYouth Soccer coaches.  Coaches can even get involved in helping with the sessions, which is a great way to learn about the practice plan drills and apply them to their teams!

Dribbling and Turning

Passing and Receiving

Goalkeeping Footwork

Defending-Pressing the Ball


Dribbling to Beat an Opponent

Passing Receiving in Small Groups




Practice Libraries Back to topTOP






Skill Session

Warm Up Drills

PEP Exercises - Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance

Coaching U6-U12 Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Training Program Manual for U7 and U8

Fundamentals, Technical Soccer

MYSA U8 and U9 Coaching Instruction

MYSA U10 and U12 Coaching Instruction




NE Revolution Academy Training Back to topTOP

New England Revolution Development Academy: "Developmental Session U6-U12 Curriculum" 

One page practice plans are posted below for each of the 8 weeks of a season.  These practice plans are designed to progressively develop ball skills throughout the season, and compliment other development areas that our coaches will offer (e.g., position play, communication, shape).

Training Session 1

Training Session 2

Training Session 3

Training Session 4

Training Session 5

Training Session 6

Training Session 7

Training Session 8


Templates and Other Materials Back to topTOP

Team Welcome Letter

Practice reminder email template

Game reminder email template

"Fridge" Sheet

Accident report

Session Plan form

Awards Template


Travel Coach Information Back to topTOP

Click here to report travel game scores

Information regarding Travel Coaching

Travel Coach Application for Fall 2014  Applications due on May 30, 2014!

Travel Coach selection process

Player Evaluation Criteria


BBC Skills Training videos

This link includes videos and animations of popular dribbling moves and other skills.

Player Burnout/Dropout Presentation for Parents and Coaches 


Training/Classes for Coaches Back to topTOP


Developing a team of skilled coaches is pivotal to the lasting success of ASA’s program. We are grateful to the many parents and supporters who donate their time. To help every coach improve their coaching skills and enjoy the whole experience to the fullest, we encourage coaches to engage in the following programs:


MYSA Courses

Coaching licensing course opportunities will come to our area and Andover Soccer Association will pay for you to take either of these courses.  Take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about coaching from MassYouth Soccer.  Registration is through the MassYouth web site at 



MYSA License Courses and Coaching Guidelines

The Mass Youth Soccer Association offers a wealth of resources for new and experienced coaches, including written guidelines and formal license training courses. License courses begin with “G”, and advance with the level of play to “A”, with each course being a prerequisite for the next course. Courses G through D are offered regularly throughout the state, and may be offered in Andover if we have sufficient demand.



NCSS Sports Safety Course

NSCAA has joined forces with the National Center for Sports Safety (NCSAA) to offer a comprehensive online sports safety course, which is known by the acronym of P.R.E.P.A.R.E.


To raise the national standards of coaches responsible for the safety and well-being of millions of young athletes, NCSS, in conjunction with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), developed P.R.E.P.A.R.E., an online sports safety course for coaches, particularly volunteer Moms and Dads, who need basic sports safety education.


The NCSAA is offering the course through their website at The 3 hour course costs only $28 and is fully reimbursable by ASA if you are an active volunteer or your children are registered players. Please note that the course must be taken in one session, so plan for a 3 hour commitment.


Course participants learn to P.R.E.P.A.R.E., an acronym that represents each of the targeted areas of emphasis in the course:


· P – Pre-plan, in case of emergencies

· R – Recognize emergencies

· E – Emergency Plan (pinpoint steps to be taken once an emergency occurs

· P – Principles of First Aid (basic first aid techniques)

· A – ABCs (basic steps of CPR)

· R – Return to Play (determine when it’s safe for players to return to play)

· E – Enjoy (encourage players to get back in the game)


After completing the course, each coach receives a sports safety patch and a certificate.




While Player Development Programs are specifically designed for the players, we have learned that they are also quite constructive for coaches. We invite any coaches of the targeted PDP age groups to attend the PDP training sessions. You will benefit from watching the professional coaches, participating in drills and sharing experiences with your peers.  Click here for Player Training Courses.